2022 Appeal for Tonga

Apr 5, 2022 | Appeals, News

The sequential events of a major undersea volcano erupting, the ensuing tsunami and the raining down of ficopious amounts of volcanic ash on the inhabitants of the Pacific nation of Tonga has caused utter devastation. This came at a time when the nation’s approximately 100,000 inhabitants, most of whom depend on small crop gardens for their food supply, were enduring a rare drought period which was already creating hardship. The catastrophic events that took place have been described as “a perfect storm” and took away the ability of the nation’s people to provide for their daily needs. 

Thankfully the governments of their ‘good neighbours’ were swift to provide drinking water and basic foodstuffs for immediate relief. Basic supplies of food and essentials for hygiene are now reaching the stores in Tonga but until the crops can be planted and harvested and businesses can restart so people can be employed again, there is a great need for assistance for the people of Tonga to purchase these items. We will work directly with the people of Tonga in their communities to ensure they are assisted. 

Let us show we are ‘good neighbours’ and donate to this appeal. All funds collected will be distributed to assist the families to endure this unprecedented time of hardship. All donations over $A2.00 are tax deductable for Australian tax payers.