Read our Mission Statement, and how we fulfil this mission in communities around the Western Pacific.

Our Mission

  • to help and support communities within Australia and the South Pacific region to improve and strengthen their communities, be better prepared for, and recover from, natural and man made disasters, and
  • to help and support Australian registered charities operating within Australia and the South Pacific region.

As a public ancillary fund, NACare provides financial support to eligible entities to deliver its mission.


Globally, the New Apostolic Church operates many charities in various parts of the world. These charities support many different projects and initiatives.

We are admonished to do good to our fellow human beings (our “neighbour”) who find themselves in need (Galatians 6:10). Love for our neighbour prompts us to support and help in times of disaster. This can be done by donating money or other goods. The aid agencies which the Church supports in the context of its social commitment, and by way of which it provides emergency aid around the world, are generally financed by voluntary donations.

How we fulfil our Mission

In times of disaster NACare partners with Australian registered charities and provides financial support to source essential survival items or items for rebuilding – locally where possible – and works with our partner charities to distribute these items directly to the local communities within the disaster affected area.

When offering assistance to countries overseas, NACare partners with, and provides financial support to, Australian registered charities approved by the Australian Government to operate in the disaster affected areas. We also work with our partner charities and designated ministers of the New Apostolic Church to identify areas of need in the local community.

Disaster Assistance

The type and level of assistance provided by NACare in disaster affected areas will be decided by the NACare Board, made up of volunteers from a range of disciplines and experience, and will be based on available funds as well as severity of disaster and local authority input.

The NACare Foundation, ABN 17 619 507 309, is an Australian Registered Public Benevolence Institution, which is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient to receive tax deductible donations. NACare has been established by the New Apostolic Church for the Australia and Western Pacific region.