NACare is committed to undertaking projects that assist communities to recover from disasters in the longer term, and provide opportunities to gain useful skills for the future.

Early Childhood Centre – Solomon Islands

Jan 21, 2021

Over many years of visits to the Solomon Islands, a need has been identified in the early childhood sector. Due to the limited availability of appropriate establishments, many families do not have the opportunity to send their children to a learning facility. Consequently, the ability for children to develop their cognitive and language skills, enjoy social interactions with other children and prepare for future education is reduced.

For the last few years, NACare representatives have spent time researching the feasibility of assisting to address this challenge, by supporting the operation of an early learning centre in Honiara. After visiting a number of similar facilities, obtaining approval from the mayor of the city, and identifying a suitable site, this project has now progressed to the next stage.

A qualified teacher, with previous experience running an early childhood centre, has been employed as the lead educator. She is currently working to train a number of teachers so that they can obtain the necessary certification to work in this field. This process takes around twelve months to complete.

Meanwhile, the New Apostolic Church building in White River has been selected as the location from which to operate the early childhood program. Appropriate renovations have been made to the building in order to provide suitable spaces for the children, teachers, and storage requirements.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch of the program has been delayed. In the meantime, work continues to ensure all training has been completed, resources are procured, and educational programs are finalised.

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