Drought appeal

Sep 11, 2018 | Appeals, News

Farmers across Queensland and New South Wales are facing one of the worst droughts in living memory. Production is expected to drop by more than 30% compared to last year, and in some areas it’s close to a 50% drop.

Drought brings with it hardship not only for achieving crop yields and feeding stock, but in providing for the families that work these farms, and the communities they live in. With reduced production, comes reduced income, which means less employment opportunities, and overall less money flowing through these rural communities. So everyone feels the impact. 

We’re working with a number of organisations including local Rotary Clubs, local councils and Red Cross to provide assistance where it’s needed most, to support farmers and rural communities that are all doing it tough.

Financial support will be made available to meet everyday household expenses, as well as enabling access to social, health and educational activities. Funds will also assist in covering household essentials like groceries, school fees, house rates, bills and vehicle repairs. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

One part of our approach involves providing $100 vouchers to farming families through an amazing network setup by Rotary clubs in Roma, Mitchell, St George and Charleville. They can spend these in their local communities for the things they need while also supporting local businesses.

All assistance is welcome, and much appreciated.