Bushfire Appeal 2018

Dec 20, 2018 | Appeals, News

Bushfire-hit parts of Queensland are starting to turn to recovery after a fortnight of devastating bushfires that have created an unprecedented crisis.

The word unprecedented has been used repeatedly to describe Queensland’s recent weather, as centuries-old heat records were broken in north Queensland and conditions in some parts of the State classified as “catastrophic” for the first time. The fire season in the north now lasts longer which also means a diminishing timeframe to allow emergency services to change tack from firefighting to battling cyclones and floodwaters.

While fire fighters continue work to contain active fires, locals are starting to count the cost of the blazes.

Bushfires have a brutal impact on communities, taking lives, razing homes and destroying farmland. With warnings by the Climate Council that we can expect longer bushfire seasons, bushfires will have a greater devastating impact on households and communities than ever before.

It’s not only the farmers who need help, with people in towns also experiencing major hardship as the flow on economic effect, which includes the major decrease of tourists, endangers the livelihoods of entire communities.

While it’s fabulous to for a family receive a hamper of food items and people are really appreciative of it, it’s important to keep in mind that local businesses also provide services and items, so if they’re being trucked in from other areas it’s actually at the detriment of local businesses and the local communities as a whole.

Aussies wanting to lend their own support to individuals and families impacted by these devastating bushfires are advised to do so through cashcard and voucher donations. Cashcard donations allow bushfire affected Queenslanders to spend the money where they need it most and for that assistance to flow back into the local community.

NACare Foundation actively works with a number of local organisations on the ground including local Rotary Clubs, local councils and Red Cross to provide assistance where it’s needed most, to support farmers and rural communities that are struggling for their livelihoods

Financial support will be made available to meet everyday household expenses, as well as enabling access to social, health and educational activities. Funds will also assist in covering household essentials like groceries, school fees, house rates, bills and vehicle repairs. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

One part of our approach involves providing $100 vouchers to farming families through an amazing network setup by Rotary clubs in Roma, Mitchell, St George and Charleville. They can spend these in their local communities for the things they need while also supporting local businesses.

All assistance is welcome, and much appreciated.

Thank you for your generosity to Queensland farmers and rural communities.